Lang Lang International Music Foundation
1st Master Class Report-March 2nd, 2009

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World-renowned pianist Lang Lang, founder of Lang Lang International Music Foundation, taught a master class to two out of the first three scholars from the foundation in Boston. This is his first master class in the name of the foundation, from which we can see a young foundation growing by leaps and bounds, fulfilling its mission by taking real actions. During the class, Lang shared his enthusiasm and passion with the two young scholars: Derek Wang and Anna Larsen in Steinert Show hall.


Both Derek and Anna live in Boston, and attended Lang’s recital at Symphony Hall the previous day. They were more than happy to meet with their idol again.


Both kids played quite well for Lang, and Lang instructed them both in technical and musical aspects. Lang played the accompaniment of Mozart’s piano concerto for the eight years old young girl Anna. He explained the emotions expressed by the piece interspersing harmonic and rhythm analysis. He encouraged her to feel at the spirit of the music. Lang commented that the girl learned very fast!


Next, the ten years old Derek played Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsodies No.11 for Lang. In order to making a point about character, Lang stimulated Derek to play like a big hero. “Don’t rush, be bold, like showing up your muscle,” he said. To make Derek understand well, he even intended to lift him up. Derek, who was infected by this superstar, finally achieved impressively what Lang wanted him to feel and to play.


Although it was heavily snowing outside, Lang turned out to be sweating profusely. Not only Anna and Derek were inspired by Lang Lang, but all the participants were also energized by his passion. One cannot help but think that nothing is impossible with this kind of bursting passion, in music and in life.