The mission of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation is to inspire the next generation of classical music lovers and performers by cultivating tomorrow’s top pianists, championing music education at the forefront of technology, and building a young audience through live music experiences.

28year old classical pianist Lang Lang has been giving back to children around the world for nearly 10 years. Through the strategic work of his new Foundation, which appointed its first Executive Director in 2010, Lang Lang is channeling his deep commitment to children and music education by developing sustainable, impactful, and unique charitable activities to continue to inspire children around the world.

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A message from Lang Lang on why he started the Foundation
“Music makes life better. It heals, unites and inspires cara menghilangkan jerawat dan bekasnya. And it makes us better human beings.

I started the Lang Lang International Music Foundation with the hope of enriching the lives of children through music.

I am so passionate about music that I have dedicated my life to it. And I’m motivated in a unique way by the work I do with my Foundation to inspire the next generation of classical music lovers and performers – both those children who study piano and those who experience live performances for the first time. During every musical interaction I have with kids, I get way more back from it than I give. Seeing the enthusiasm on the faces of the kids motivates me to dedicate more time and energy to creating unique experiences to reach even more course school kursus makeup

I believe in the power of music and want every child to have access to music experiences that ignite something wonderful inside of them, just as music delivered something incredibly significant for me. My hope with starting my Foundation was to find a way to capture the potential that I see in music to positively transform lives and provide inspiration and experiences to kids around the world in a meaningful and sustainable way, even when I can’t be there in person. I am confident that my Foundation can help carry on my passion for music to inspire kids to engage in some way, any way, with not only classical music, but any genre that touches them. I have launched a second career with this Foundation and I look forward to continuing to watch it grow and develop partnerships with other important cara menghilangkan jerawat dan bekasnya, successful music education initiatives that are already doing so much for kids.”

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Lang Lang

Our Programs:

Download the Foundation Strategic Overview


“Lang Lang Young Scholars Program”: One of the world’s premier international talent identification and cultivation programs focused on supporting young pianists who display exceptional musical talent, enthusiasm for playing piano, and a love of classical music.


“100 Pianos Extravaganza”: Guided by Lang Lang’s accessible and encouraging teaching style, 100 young piano enthusiasts are convened to celebrate their love of playing, experiment with collaboration, and enjoy the inherently social nature of the traditionally solo piano and provide an extraordinary performance for their local youth communities. drw skincare familly

“Lang Lang & Friends LIVE!”: Lang Lang & Friends LIVE! delivers a series of live music performances free of charge to children around the world in partnership with esteemed music institutions and organizations. This program obat jerawat paling ampuh exposes young audiences to classical music with the hopes of creating lifelong music lovers.


The Foundation seeks to develop innovative and cutting edge music education programs. We are convening leaders in music education technology across various industries to explore the current projects already underway and the opportunities for advancing music education. This program area will develop over time as research and partnership opportunities are further explored. acne preventive obat jerawat paling ampuh